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FOODIE: Samyang Ramen Review

We, at Mis Claire, love to eat! It does not matter if we are plus-size or skinny, we love trying new food!

Maybe in recent years, you have noticed something going viral on social media called 'the Samyang challenge' where you get to watch someone try to eat a pack of REALLY spicy noodles - and usually with a hilarious outcome. I don't know about you, but I always feel like "Come on! It can't be that spicy! We are Malaysians!"

So lately, since 99 Speedmart have been stocking up on Samyang ramen - we have decided to try it. A pack of 5 sells for about RM25 (sorry, I don't remember the exact amount) and the individual bowl sells for about RM6.

Previously, 99 Speedmart only sold the Hot Chicken Ramen X2 Spicy (red packaging) which is the extremely spicy one; and lately I have noticed them selling their cheese-flavoured spicy ramen too (yellow packaging). They usually display the ramen on their counter - I think it's sold on consignment.

From what I can gather from online research, there is a "cool"-flavoured one too (blue packaging) but I haven't seen it sold anywhere, and also I am not too sure I would try it. Is it mint? *hmm*

So here we go with the reviews:

Samyang Hot Chicken Ramen X2 Spicy

This flavour comes in a red packaging and is easy to prepare, like any other instant noodles. Here are the collective reviews from the foodies, oops I mean staff at Mis Claire:

"The noodle itself is springy and has a good texture."
"The secret in eating it is to NOT let it touch your lips."
"It is so spicy, but yet so delicious - like you need to stop eating but you want more."
"My heart is beating so fast - I'm getting heartburn."
"Cannot finish. Too spicy."
"Can die."
"First-first tak pedas. Lama-lama pedas giler!"

Samyang Spicy Cheese Ramen

This flavour is so interesting! It comes in a yellow packing with a picture of a cartoon cheese on it. This has an extra step in preparing - you have to stir-fry the noodles a bit for adding on the cheese powder. Don't worry, there are instructions on the packaging.

Here are our reviews:

"Hmm... can't really taste any cheese, but it is slightly milky?"
"I think this would be better if we can add our own cheese."
"Not as spicy as the red one."
"Acceptable level of spicy-ness."
"Not bad. Prefer this to the red one but not because of the 'cheese' but because it is not CRAZY spicy."
"OMG. Sedap."

So there you go! We did all the trying for you *burp* so you don't have to. Have you tried it? Did you like it? Do share with us. xoxo