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TRAVEL: A No-Nonsense Guide To Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

This is Cenang beach!
I have been to Langkawi twice in the last 6 months - I fell in love with the beach. When I say Langkawi, I always just mean Pantai Cenang. Here are some tips and photos (more on my Instagram) from my personal experience for when you want to go there and make the most out of your trip at the beach.

1. Getting There

Let's all assume that we are starting from Kuala Lumpur - as this guide was born out of my own experiences.

- Prices vary (if you are lucky Air Asia can give you really cheap return tickets) - last trip I paid about RM150 for a return ticket
- Flight: 1 hour 10 minutes
- If you are afraid of turbulence, book afternoon flights - most likely it will be sunny and not as windy

From Langkawi Airport to Pulau Cenang:
- Taxi RM25-RM30
- Uber RM12-RM15

By land and sea:
- Bus fare: RM30 - RM50 depending on bus company
- Bus ride: 8  hours to Kuala Kedah jetty
- From the jetty, you will need to take a ferry (RM18)
- Ferry ride: 1 hour 10 minutes
- You will arrive in Kuah, Langkawi
- Cab from Kuah to Pantai Cenang: RM30 (30 minutes)
Pack the essentials - comfort, sunblock and entertainment

2. Accommodation

In Pantai Cenang, you should stay along the beach so that you can just walk to the beach at any time. The Pantai Cenang stretch has everything you need - food, shopping, Cenang Mall (which has ATMs and popular fast food chains). Check our Google Maps to ensure your location is convenient. You can get very cheap accommodation (I stayed in Delima Beach Inn for about RM90 per night - fits 2 people) to the more pricey ones, according to your budget. Book your accommodation online or via phone call prior to the trip to avoid disappointment.

3. Sunblock

Sunburn :( Ouch!

Never underestimate the sun at the beach or even when you are just walking around. Always wear sunblock, or else you will suffer pain for days after your trip! ALWAYS WEAR SUNBLOCK! Reapply always - especially after a swim!

4. Food

In my personal opinion, there is nothing different about food in Pantai Cenang from the rest of Malaysia - except maybe seafood. Don't get me wrong, there is a nice variety of food but just nothing like Melaka or Penang where they are famous for a special dish. However, one of the highly-rated eating places is a quaint little crepe cafe called My French Factory - which serves authentic French crepes and waffles. It's so good that I go there a few times in one trip! My favourite is their sour cream, cheese and mushroom crepe! Very good and friendly service too.

My French Factory - much love!

5. Shopping

Langkawi is a duty-free island so the chocolates are cheap! The prices don't differ that much from Pantai Cenang and Kuah (where the locals are), so you don't need to make a special trip to Kuah to save a few ringgits. You can find really great deals especially when they are clearing stock - but be sure to check the expiry date.

Candy haul!

6. Fun

This is especially for beach bums like me - you can just lay and sunbathe on the beach all day. You can go kayaking - RM25 per kayak (sits two people) for an hour. Or if you are feeling adventurous - you can go island-hopping for half a day for RM30 per person. You will get to sit on a speedboat which is quite nice, visit a few islands and beaches, and watch some eagles being fed. Not too bad but I prefer to stay on Pantai Cenang and chill until it is time to eat.

We started here for the island-hopping tour!

7. Things to bring to the BEACH, I'm not talking about your entire trip

Needless to say, bring as little as you can.

- Swimwear and cover up - I like to have two scarves, to act as a top and bottom, or a large one to act as a dress - and maybe an extra to wrap your hair when you walk around but not look like a wet dog.

- Light-weight towel.

- More scarves - maybe cheap ones for sitting on and placing your stuff.

- Hat, sunglasses, tanning oil, sunblock is a must.

- If you MUST wear makeup, maybe just waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and a tinted balm. Everything sheer as you will most probably tan and your usual foundation and powder will look too fair on you.

- Waterproof transparent bag that is made especially for bringing gadgets underwater. You can put your cash and ID in here too. Don't bring too much cash though.

- A book.

8. After-sun care

This was so important for me. Aloe vera gel and conditioner.

Glow goals!
Hope you guys enjoy my little guide!  xoxo

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