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VIRAL: Say NO to Fat-shaming!

Recently, a local lifestyle and beauty blogger Innanie Ariffin shared her story about fat-shaming on a post on her Facebook. You can read the full story here.

Basically, she was at a Ramadan bazaar and was looking to buy a kebab. She went to a stall and when she wanted to buy one from the seller, he fat-shamed her by saying that she needs to eat at least five to feel full because of her size, and that big people are greedy when it comes to food.

How rude and un-couth of someone to say something like that - especially to your customer who is helping your business.

Looking at her Facebook page, Innanie is a beautiful plus-size lady - she has a right to feel good in her own body as much as anyone else. Why do people have to make comments about another person's weight? What if we said to the guy "I think you need to sell more kebabs because you are skinny and most probably too poor to feed yourself." Isn't that insulting? As insulting as commenting that a person is greedy because he or she is fat?

Manners are taught by people who are civilized. If we live like monkeys, we act like monkeys. We have to educate the public that this isn't right. I am not talking about formal education. Even doctors can act un-couth.

Our own Mis Claire plus size model, as beautiful as she is, was fat-shamed by a female doctor. She took her son to the clinic, and he was active and running around. In a clinic full of people, the doctor said to her "Boleh je kejar anak you tu, ibu gemuk pun perlukan exercise." (Translated: You can chase your son, its ok. Fat mothers need exercise too). Our model said she felt humiliated and that her confidence went down.

What is this? I am very against body shaming - it doesn't matter if we are making fun of someone because they are fat, skinny, tall or short - it is still verbal bullying. We have to understand the impact of insulting another person.

We at Mis Claire know that plus size women deserve to feel beautiful and empowered and should always be confident in themselves. If you have a good response or comeback to people who fat-shame you, what would it be?

Here are some other ways that people fat-shame others without even realizing!

Say NO to fat-shaming!

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