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Do You Hate Mis Claire's Website? Lagi Suka Datang Butik?

Hi, since our new-and-improved boutique is open, I want to write a little bit about the pros and cons of online and offline shopping exclusive to Mis Claire, and also can be applied to other sellers too! Memang kita dapat ramai customer yang tak suka beli dari website dan suka datang ke butik - sebab tu lah kita buka butik... tetapi ada baik buruknya... jom sy cerita sikit.

1. Order dari website cepat, convenient dan efficient. Click, pay, dan tunggu. Lagipun kalau u order dari website, you can take your time and tukar-tukar fikiran. Takde sales person menunggu you untuk membuat keputusan. This is perfect for introverts who prefer duduk rumah, tak suka keluar hehe...

2. Beli dari butik, you boleh buat fitting, try baju, dan tengok dengan mata sendiri jenis material dan warna baju - this is perfect for those yang badan istimewa yang maybe terlampau tinggi atau pendek... or part badan yang tak seimbang. Memang di website kita sediakan size chart, tapi sometimes customer prefer to fitkan baju kat body, baru beli. Also, yang suka borak-borak sembang-sembang bolehlah datang butik kita, sebab kita ada staff yang friendly kat sini -also akan jumpa customer lain juga.

Meet Our lovely Vivian who will be happy to serve you at our Mis Claire boutique... btw she is also a plus size model!

3.. Kalau order from website, you boleh collect points. This point system can give you lifetime members' discount & also boleh claim vouchers. Kalau beli dari butik, system dia lain - so beli secara walk-in sahaja, tak dapat kutip points atau menggunakan member discount.

We also prepare a PC for you to use, if you want to use your own account to place orders - or to make any online transactions.

4. Mis Claire kerap membuat website-exclusive sales (weekend sales untuk customer yang order dari website SAHAJA). Kalau datang ke butik, tak dapatlah join sales ni. Tapi kita juga akan buat BOUTIQUE-EXCLUSIVE SALES - contohnya PWP surprise on weekends and our month-long OCTOBER boutique-wide 10% discount. Yang datang butik je yang dapat special discount ni.

This is one of our boutique-exclusive discount - for the whole month of October we will cut 10% off your final bill when you buy from our boutique.

What do you think? Do you prefer walk-in the butik atau order online?

Please Waze our location 'mis claire' - we are in SS23/15 Petaling Jaya - call 03-78876008 for directions.


  1. For how I have no choice but to prefer online because I’m staying in JB....but if I’m in KL lain cerita lah.....bole shop till I drop....anyway I’m the biggest fans of misclare clothing...the design are up to date...material in good quality and comfortable....pokoknya I’m super in love with MC clothing and will be buying more clothes in the future....Go MC(plus size power)������

    1. Hi Daphne! :) So nice to hear from you on our blog! Next time when you're in town, do pop by our new boutique! Thank you for your love and support! xo