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Editor's Pick: THREE Items For Everyone in M.C. Exclusive Private Sale!

Not sure if this upcoming Mis Claire Private Sales is worth your time! Don't fret, let our editor pick out something for everyone! Remember, 3 for RM120 storewide!

Denim Frenzy For The Blues Lover
( Darcy + Josephine + Jody = RM120 only!)

Casual French Chic For The Cool Minimalist
(Brooklyn + Tally + Marina = RM120 only!)


Active Wear For The Fitness Junkie
( Ivory + Vixen + Milly = RM120 only!)


Power Blouses For The Working Lady
(Brittany + Tricia + Zenny = RM120 only!)


Colours and Patterns For The Funky Ladies
(Pebbles + Queenie + Bennett = RM120 only!)



  1. Kene bli set yg ditetap kan ketuk dptkan 120

    1. Tak sis, boleh campur apa2 shj... asalkan dlm set 3.... blog ni utk memberi idea shj :)