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Psst... 5 Useful Tips On Getting What You Want From Our Exclusive Private Sale!

Yes! In conjunction with our 6th Anniversary, Mis Claire is doing an exclusive private sale where EVERYTHING (yes, everything!) that is available on their website will be 3 for RM120 (that is RM40 per piece!)

How to ensure you get the items that you want for this low, low price? Read on for some tips that can really help you propel yourself to the head of the pack!

1. Measure yourself in INCHES!

Make sure you know your size (get your measurements ready in INCHES). Write down your bust, waist and hips measurements on a piece of paper, so that it will be easy for you to choose the size that you want. And REMEMBER, items bought during this sale are non-returnable, so you have to choose the right size.

2. Get the access code early!

The Private Sales will commence at midnight of 14th March - and you can start ordering from then to be the early bird; so make sure you already have the access code in hand. We will announce on all social media and also send a newsletter to all our members (if you have signed up on our website, you are a member). OR email us now at sales@aishop.com.my if you still have not gotten the access code.

3. Truly understand how the sales work!

During these 48 hours of the Private Sales, EVERYTHING on the website will be 3 for RM120. You can buy in sets of 3s to get this special price... that is 3 for RM120, 6 for RM240, 9 for RM360. If your shopping cart does NOT have these numbers of items in it, the order will not proceed. So make sure you have 3, 6 or 9 items in your cart, or else you will get stuck and waste precious time. Items in your shopping cart are NOT reserved for you, so check out as fast as you can before the stock runs out!

4. Remember the names of the items you want!

Before the sales begin, you can start surveying what you want on the website. You can also add them into the shopping cart - but this does not mean the items are reserved for you. Write down the names and sizes if you need to, this will speed up your shopping process for when the sales actually start!

5. Pay immediately!

To ensure the item is yours, pay immediately. If you pay through ATM, ensure that you update us via email sales@aishop.com.my within 12 hours. Unpaid orders will be cancelled after 12 hours!


Most importantly, have a happy and fun shopping experience and we wish you all the best of luck in getting the items you want!


  1. I still dont get the access code 😭😭😭😭😭

  2. I still dont get the access code

  3. How to get the access code

  4. If the size we want is out of stock can I order in advance in this Private sale