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Mis Claire and G.S.T.

Hi ladies,

Just wanted to highlight a few things regarding GST with our customers.

Our prices before GST, with GST 6% and now, GST 0% remain the same. Read on if you need further clarification.

1. Since GST was implemented several years ago, Mis Claire did NOT charge our customers GST.

2. Example is our staple the Queenie pants: It was RM65 back then and is still RM65 now today after many years.

3. Why? Mis Claire felt that GST was generally a painful thing to the society and we wanted to help the community by absorbing the GST fees. We wanted our customer to continue to enjoy the prices there were getting, so we actually, in a sense, LOWERED our prices when GST was implemented.

4. Believe us, we do file in and pay GST! Our Finance Team do have a headache keeping track of the amounts that we pay to the government every THREE MONTHS (and it was A LOT!).

5. So what happens now after GST is demolished? Our customers start asking us about our prices, and demand for us to lower our prices.

6. Since we have never increased our price to our customers and we still pay GST to the government, it has nothing to do with the price now. Example, Queenie will still be RM65. Only difference is now, post-GST, we will not need to pay government RM3.67 for every piece of Queenie we sell!

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