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Something exciting is brewing just around the corner, but what is it? Looks like a kurung party! Want to join in? Read on to read about our 'Kurung For Everyone' Collection!

The Cutting

We picked the trending Kurung Mini as the cutting for this collection. Transformed from the Kurung Kedah, we made this version with full length sleeves. With a length of 32 inches, it suits the average Malaysian height, it covers the hips, which is syariah compliant and it looks modern.. We designed the skirt in a mermaid cut as this silhouette has always flattered the plus sized figure. 

Take note that the fabrics is not stretchable, so the cutting of the skirt is slightly bigger than usual mermaid to make you feel comfortable when moving and sitting. 

Wuduk and bf friendly

There is a nifty zipper placed strategically on this baju kurung to help those new mothers to breastfeed with ease. Also not forgetting zippers at the sleeves for ease of wuduk and prayers.

The shoulder pad

Just a pair of shoulder pads makes a huge different to the overall look at the design. We decided to include shoulder pads in this Kurung design to give that tailored look, but only you will know that it was bought ready-to-wear (and costs RM79 only... shh). For those who have wide shoulders (or those who just hate shoulder pads), they are easily removable, which is great! 

The non premium fabrics

In balancing the price, quality and comfort of the kurung, we selected cotton viscose as the winning material. Cotton viscose is slightly thinner than the fabrics that we usually use. This cotton viscose that we picked is soft and comfortable in wearing, but take note, it can be fragile too. It is easy to iron, and any kinks are actually not obvious due to the busy prints. Lightweight, and not taking up much space of your luggage, it’s always a good choice to bring a backup baju kurung when you balik kampung. It suitable for any kind of gatherings, or even for staying home, entertaining guests, or ziarah kubuh. Modest and comfortable.

The print selection and colors

This collection boasts of over 30 different prints and colours for you to choose from. We have big and small motifs, and colors ranging from bold to pastel and even white.

The price

With all the points mentioned above, this Kurung is our lowest priced item for Raya 2018! On top of that, the more you buy, the greater the discount - Raya season is meant for sharing with friends and family. Do visit our website www.misclaire.com on 5th June 2018 to buy while its launched!

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