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Mis Claire's New Philosophy In Plus Size Jeans - Malaysia

Ultra Stretch Jeans That Contours and Firms Your Figure.

Mis Claire have been experimenting with plus size jeans for years - working on the material, colours, sizing and cutting. We noticed that there are not many local or Asian brands that is wholly dedicated to bringing plus size women the perfect pair of jeans. We decided to act on this.


Mis Claire have chosen the most classic and sophiscated colours for jeans - blue and black without any acid washes, distress, fade or whiskerings that can visually enlarge heavier legs.


After many years of choosing and testing materials for plus size women, Mis Claire knows that comfort comes before anything else. A durable pair of jeans is traditionally made to last a long time - but we found that it is not comfortable for plus size figures. During our selection process, we considered all the charactieristcs that make a pair of jeans, and we have found that the pros of ultra stretch material outweigh the cons.Ultra stretch material is the best material to shape and mold a figure beautifully, while allowing freedom of movement and not losing the look of denim.


A mid-rise waist is neutral and flattering as not all plus size figures are the same. Some have long torsos, or longer legs; or are apple or pear shaped. We want to make sure that every body type looks good with our jeans.


If you have purchased jeans from Mis Claire before, you will find that this new-and-improved range of jeans will fit more snug on you - that is the indicator of the right size for you. Some would tell you that it is a good idea to buy stretch jeans in a smaller size because it is going to stretch after multiple wears. Therefore, we have recaliberated the sizing chart just for this purpose. The nature of the denim that we have picked will support and give a firm silhouette to the plus size woman.


While there are some downsides to stretch denim, it is easily manageable by following the care and washing instructions. If you plan on purchasing a pair of stretch denim jeans, be sure to read (and follow) the instructions listed on its care label. It is a tiny price to pay for the great comfort and look that you get from ultra stretch jeans.

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