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A Day With Mis Claire T-shirt Collection: Azwa & The Donuts (1st Installment)

Azwa is wearing our Donut Judge Me long sleeve t-shirt in Steel Green 5XL

As part of our latest project, we will be launching a t-shirt collection called 'A Day With Mis Claire', sharing with you a part of the Mis Claire team and life, and the message behind the FIRST t-shirt of the collection is - Donut Judge Me that has just been launched on our website www.misclaire.com. Read more to find out what Azwa is doing for Mis Claire and about her journey as a plus size female.

Before that, let us tell you all about this project - the new t-shirt collection! What is this collection all about?

A Day With Mis Claire Collection

‘A Day With Mis Claire’ is a collection of fun t-shirt designs that tells a story about our life behind-the-scenes. In conjunction with our company’s 10th anniversary, we would like to celebrate the ups-and-downs of our familiar routines and happenings of our years here. We would like to open up and share our stories with you - our loyal customers that keep us going until today. 

Welcome to our life! 

In these blog posts, we will introduce crucial members of the staff to you as well as we want to bring our customers closer to us.

Azwa is wearing our Donut Judge Me long sleeve t-shirt in Steel Green 5XL

Azwa is one of the babies of the Mis Claire family, newly joining the team as a Warehouse Executive whereby she is part of the team that manages the inventory, the unloading and loading of stock, and also counting the stock! Girl power betul! Normally, this is a guy's job but at Mis Claire, we are all ladies here!

Azwa is also our new (and first) 5XL model and she has shone like a diamond with her dazzling smile and ability to make our clothes look good. 

Many of our customers are happy with this newest model - we get requests asking to see more photos of her on our website from more angles - why? Our customers are also plus size women, no doubt about that, and they relate to Azwa. We know the need to show real models with their body types, to be show them that this is how they look, too, and they can look good.

Mis Claire is a down-to-earth plus size company whereby we are not telling you that clothes only look good on thinner or taller people, we use models with real bodies.

Azwa is wearing our Donut Judge Me long sleeve t-shirt in Steel Green 5XL

Azwa had her share of judgement in her life as a plus size female, whenever she goes into shopping malls to look at clothes, she will get looks that show her that 'we do not have your size'.  She has this statement as a comeback line to those who make fun of her weight, 'Gemuk boleh kurus; malas, sila terjun...' which basically tells people not to judge her - people can loose weight but lazy people will not change.

From a young age, she has learned to be tough and grow thicker skin from listening to people tease and bully her, and today, she is a confident plus size lady who is one of the faces of Mis Claire.

We will have 4 more tshirts coming in this 'A Day With Mis Claire' Collection - so stay tuned to see what is coming next, and who we will reveal to you in the next installment! 

Drop some comments to let us know which member of the Mis Claire team that you want us to interview!

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