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Fashion in Focus: The Rockin' 90s

Photo by Mis Claire
This year, the 90s came back with a bang! Here is a look at some of the most 90s things that are everywhere. Personally, it is my favourite decade to have come back in style, because I am a 90s kid and I really miss that decade's cultural impact on style, music, movies, etc.

1. Overalls

TLC yo
2. Scrunchies

The O.G. Naomi Campbell (photo from Elle)
3. Tiny sunglasses
How did we ever forget they were a couple once? (photo from Vanity Fair)
4. Slip dresses
Courtney Love - grunge queen who started the trend IMO (photo by Stereogum)
5. Mom jeans
Winona Ryder - the 90s sweetheart
6. Camouflage print
Gwen Stefani - ska chick (photo by Popsugar)
7. Tie dyes and bright colours
A pre-teen Melissa Joan Hart in the early 90s
8. Tie-front tops
Another 90s icon, supermodel Cindy Crawford (photo by Marie Claire)
9. Bum bags

Kim K. with bike shorts AND a bumbag (photo by British Vogue)

10. Bike shorts

11. Hair slides
Finally it is cool to manage your hair this nerdy way -as modeled by Kendall Jenner (photo by Beauty Crew)

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