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What Are Malaysia's Best Ramadan Food?

In Asian cultures, especially in Malay where there is a melting pot of so many races and religions, food is always a central focus during festive events. This is evident when it comes to Raya where people will call it once-a-year Raya food that you just cannot miss! What are the best for us here at Mis Claire? Let's look at the list!

Best 3-Ingredient Kuih Raya That Anyone Can Make At Home

Hi everyone, since we are in lock-down during Ramadan season (and most definitely throughout Raya), let's take this chance to learn some new skills making easy cookies and cakes! Even though Raya will be different this year, we still want to to celebrate it no matter what. Since not everyone is good at baking or cooking, I want to share with you some of the easiest recipes to try at home!