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Our Fave Raya 2020 OOTD Looks From Our Customers

Hi everyone! Raya came with a blast despite the CMCO and we are so thankful with the overwhelming tags and hashtags of you wearing our Mis Claire Raya outfit! We definitely love ALL OF THEM, but have selected a few to be in our TOP 10 favourites!

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From our Harmoni Collection, which allows you to mix and match - this is a bold choice of wearing prints head to toe and we LOVE it! Extra points for the hand high up in the air!

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The outfit here is spot-on with the kampung vibes background - exactly what we had in mind when we were designing the Harmoni Collection.

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She brings a young and vibrant touch to the whole outfit! Simply stylish while celebrating Raya at home.
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She is wearing our satin kurung set Satyra, and what I love about this photo is the whole vibe of being with your family, united as one.

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What I love about this picture is that she is subtly glittering in the sunlight - but not demanding too much attention as she gives all her attention to her cute little boy. She is wearing our Firoza Bling Kurung Set in Navy Blue.

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We always love a good matchy-matchy lovey dovey couple photo! Colour coordinated couple - she is wearing also our bling Firoza set, they look like the coolest couple in the kampung.

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Now it's time for our soft and glam lace OOTDs - this is such a sweet look, pastels and lace, everything feminine.

Let's get carried away! What a beautiful and energetic picture! She is wearing our Nyonya style set - our lace kebaya top and instant batik skirt.

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I love this top to bottom peach neutral palette - up to the sandals she is wearing that is also from Mis Claire! Effortlessly looking amazing!

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We love it when customer mix and match our pieces! She looks so young, fresh and modern! We love it!


Do you have Raya OOTDs? Do use these hashtags so we can spot you #iwearmisclaire #klasikrayamc

Thank you so much again for all the beautiful pictures!

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