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Fashion in Focus: Getting On-Board With Korean-Inspired Style

Korean fashion, style and beauty has been hitting our country hard for the past few years - not to mention their other influences such as music, TV shows, food and others. Somehow, we just jive with it as they start to have more cultural impact, because we discover that their cool style is not so hard to emulate. Are you all things K?

Loose fit tops

In terms of revealing clothes, Koreans are still quite on the conservative side from the waist up. Loose fit tops are very popular - A-line blouses, tunic tops, long shirts - and that is why modest Malaysian women can really get on-board this trend.

Big vintage glasses

Many young Malaysians, maybe 20 and below have jumped on this big clear frame glasses trend. It is cute and balances out the face to make one look childlike and innocently bug-eyed.

Photo by nomakenolife.com
Over-sized cardigans

Grandma chic - it's cool uncool with a vintage vibe. Great for layering over cropped clothing to provide extra coverage, texture and warmth.


Korean and Malaysians have more similar features and colouring compared to Caucasians (of course) therefore, we benefit more from their makeup colours and tips, and it is easier to copy! Their products also suit Asian skin types so score! (and straight eyebrows - who thought of this gem?)

Layering dresses and tops

Skirts over tops, tops over shirts, outerwear, big and small - you name it, Koreans love layering. For plus size, we go for the fake layering - a one-piece garment that looks like we actually layered.

Photo by Mis Claire - click here to be redirected to get this preppy Korean top

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