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What We Can Learn About The Fat-Shaming At Pentas Big Stage 2019

I am sure many of us in the local plus size community have heard about the fat-shaming comment guest judge Mark Adam made about Sherry Alhadad in front of maybe hundreds of thousands of people in the live audience, watching on TV or, like me, read it on the Internet through social media, not only in Malaysia but also Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand and South Korea.

Beauty In Diversity Workshop #KitaMisClaire

All photos in this post are from Mis Claire (Christine & Angel)
Hi everyone! Here is some simple reporting on what went down during last weekend's Beauty in Diversity Workshop (17 August 2019). The exclusive event was headlined by one of dUCk Cosmetics’ professional make-up artist Natasya Ramleh, stylist and influencer Min Luna, GetCraft’s Head of Creative Development, Zuan Arifin Ham and Mis Claire’s very own Creative Director, Angel Tang. Each sharing their unique skill set to a private group of thirty aspiring plus size influencers.

5 Sneaky Ways To Drink More Water

Photo by George Sistonen
We all know that water is good for us, but still many are hopelessly not drinking enough water per day (including myself!). I don't even need to talk about the benefits (we all know it), I will just hand over some helpful tips on how to sneak water into your daily routine.

10 Daily Positive Mantras For Plus Size Women

Photo by Mikechie Esparagoza from Pexels
It is a tough world out there for people who look different - big people know this all too well. No matter what, people can always find ways to put others down but we must stay positive and spread love within ourselves and to others. Here are some mantras that you can use to help keep your mind positive everyday, and especially those challenging days.

5 Weird Ways To Help You Sleep

Photo by pexels.com
There are so many typical ways that you can Google about how to sleep better (we have heard it all) - but let's talk about these weird ways that have helped me that may help you. These aren't science-based and are purely of my own making. So read with a grain or salt and pinch of humor.

How To Pack Light For a Quick Weekend Away

Photo by Artem Beliaikin

Blessed are we in Malaysia, we have lots of public holidays - and sometimes it gets even better when it is attached to a weekend. With long weekends, many of us travel back to our hometown or maybe for a quick getaway trip. Personally I love traveling light (so light, I like to spark a reaction out of those who see my bag).