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How To Pack Light For a Quick Weekend Away

Photo by Artem Beliaikin

Blessed are we in Malaysia, we have lots of public holidays - and sometimes it gets even better when it is attached to a weekend. With long weekends, many of us travel back to our hometown or maybe for a quick getaway trip. Personally I love traveling light (so light, I like to spark a reaction out of those who see my bag).

1. Analyze your trip and multitask your clothes.

What kind of a trip is it and what do you need? Most of the time, we have a plan of what we will be doing and where we are going, so plan your outfits around those activities. For me:

- a comfy pair of sandals or flats that will look good with everything
- comfy and basic pants - such as leggings or jeans
- three lightweight tops that can be folded really small and do not require ironing
- a bra, and some panties (and a handful of panty-liners)
- an outerwear for when you need to 'dress up' or warm up

2. Simplify your vanity bag

If you have travel-sized items, it would be the best - but try to streamline your beauty routines at this point. Face-wash and a moisturizing face mist would be nice, and some face wipes for removing makeup (if you plan on wearing it). For those who wear contact lenses, here is something I do when I do not have a travel-sized solution: I will bring a few cases with me filled up fresh solution so I don't need to bring the whole bottle.

For makeup, you can maybe carry more pencil types makeup and limit to 5 must-have items. For me:

1. Mascara (for both lashes and brows)
2. Compact face powder (I hate shiny t-zones)
3. Lipstick (for lips and cheek)
4. Liquid eyeliner (for when you need to jazz up)

3. Essentials

Visualize what you will need while you are there - on the trip, reaching your destination, doing your activities, before you sleep, etc. It should not be any much different than what you need usually at home. Charger, handphone, medication, etc. Most of the time, we bring more than we need or will use because of a vacation syndrome - but we actually need way less. Before you know it, you will be walking out the door with just a medium-sized overnight bag for yourself.

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