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Iklan Paling Teruk Untuk Menjual Baju Plus-Size

Yang selalu shopping di Instagram dan Facebook, mungkin dah terserempak dengan gambar ni: seorang wanita berdiri dlm satu belah kaki leggings untuk menunjukkan bahawa leggings tersebut boleh stretch sampai seorang dewasa pun boleh masuk. Apa??? Kaki I sebesar seorang manusia???

Do You Hate Mis Claire's Website? Lagi Suka Datang Butik?

Hi, since our new-and-improved boutique is open, I want to write a little bit about the pros and cons of online and offline shopping exclusive to Mis Claire, and also can be applied to other sellers too! Memang kita dapat ramai customer yang tak suka beli dari website dan suka datang ke butik - sebab tu lah kita buka butik... tetapi ada baik buruknya... jom sy cerita sikit.

Myth Debunked! Big ladies CAN wear horizontal stripes!

How many times have you heard to stay away from horizontal stripes because it will make you look bigger? It is like a no-no, almost to the point of 'do not even touch it!' Stripes are always trendy, and sometimes plus size women look at it longingly to wear it. Fret not, here are some of the best advices from all over the internet on making stripes work for you!

IMPORTANT: We Are Moving!

Salam kepada semua customer dan kawan-kawan Mis Claire,
Hi everyone and beloved customers and friends of Mis Claire,

Dengan bangganya kita mengumumkan bahawa team kita telahpun berpindah ke ofis baru yang lebih besar mulai dari hari ini 12hb Ogos 2017.
We are so proud to announce that we will be upgrading our company and moving to a new and bigger office space, effective TODAY 12th August 2017.

FOODIE: Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe Review

The other day, the Mis Claire team went for a Girls' Night Out to watch the new Spiderman movie at GSC Tropicana City Mall - so we decided to try the Korean restaurant in the mall called OISO.

The other day, the Mis Claire team went for a Girls' Night Out to watch the new Spiderman movie at GSC Tropicana City Mall - so we decided to try the Korean restaurant in the mall called OISO.

BEAUTY: Inspirasi Solekan Raya Daripada IG Fazura

Hai semua! Raya dah dekat gila ni dan baju Raya pun dah ada... Makeup dah plan tak? Lately, kita stalk Instagram Fazura sebab kan series dia kini trending #heroseorangcinderella... memang IG dia is full of look and makeup inspirations - classy dan natural. Saya akan bahagikan makeup looks ni kepada 'Day' & 'Night' - dengan tips senang utk mendapatkan look Fazura.

SHOUT OUT: Baju Raya Untuk Baby by Teez Bee

Hi fashionable mothers! Hari ni kita nak share pasal jenama baju ni Teez Bee yang mengeluarkan baju CUSTOM-MADE yang comel untuk seisi keluarga especially baby dan budak-budak. Mis Claire ada buat crossover collaboration dengan dorang ni - so untuk setiap customer yang beli dari Mis Claire, dia akan dapat 1 colouring book PERCUMA dan satu voucher bernilai RM10 dari Teez Bee. (Limited to first 1000 customers)

LIFESTYLE: Pros & Cons of Online Shopping (And Some Helpful Guide)

I know many of us love to shop online - I know I do. However, I have had a handful of unpleasant experiences which have caused me unnecessary stress. Instagram sellers in Malaysia, American sellers from Ebay, Chinese sellers from Taobao and even trusted websites like Lazada - we all need to be smart about it because our hard-earned money is precious right? Since we are living in a world with fast technology - shopping has never been easier. However, with all the convenience that it brings, there are still some things all consumers and buyers have to be aware. We are here to give you some tips and friendly reminders!

LOOKBOOK: Insta-worthy Shots That Will Convince You To Go Minimalist This Raya

I have noticed a surge of minimalist one-coloured Raya clothes this year - is it trending? Maybe. Regardless, I personally love the minimalist look for any occasion - including festive seasons! Lucky for those who love simplicity - Mis Claire is all about that. Check out these ladies styling plus size pieces from Mis Claire's Minimalist Raya 2017 Collection.

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