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STYLE: 5 Cool Ways Ladies Can Wear a Varsity Jacket

 Mis Claire's Plus Size Varsity Jacket

How do you ladies feel about varsity jackets? I personally love it, and I like how it makes any outfit casual and fun. Most of all, it reminds me of those old favourite comic characters from The Archies!

In conjunction with our latest launch, the Archie Varsity Jacket by Mis Claire, I want to share some styling tips on how to wear this varsity jacket without looking like a teenager and more like a glamorous lady.

1. Active and comfortable.

Let's start with the basics, shall we? Pair your VJ (varsity jacket) with an oversized t-shirt, leggings and cool sport shoes. Comfort AND style.

Photo: WENN

2. Feminine and romantic.

This next look is very easy to wear as shown here by Elle Fanning, yet is super feminine and gorgeous! Wear your VJ over a long flowy dress.

Photo: dazeddigital.com 

3. Glammed up and street-smart.

This outfit is for the ladies who pack a lot of attitude like this superstar Rihanna - VJ paired with jeans and high heels (the blue lipstick is optional).

Photo: dailymail.co.uk

4. Minimalistically bright.

Simple as slicking on red lipstick to match your red VJ.

Photo: thebestfashionblog.com 

5. Polished and slick.

Who else can do polished and slick as well as Kim K.? Button up your VJ and add on a slick black skirt.

Photo: madamenoire.com

Hope you are feeling inspired! Come and have a look at our #lookbook to view some of our ladies (and guy) stylin' our Mis Claire Varsity Jacket).

For plus size Varsity Jackets, you can grab them at Mis Claire's online shop or come visit us at our showroom (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia) for a fitting. xoxo

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