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LIFESTYLE: Pros & Cons of Online Shopping (And Some Helpful Guide)

I know many of us love to shop online - I know I do. However, I have had a handful of unpleasant experiences which have caused me unnecessary stress. Instagram sellers in Malaysia, American sellers from Ebay, Chinese sellers from Taobao and even trusted websites like Lazada - we all need to be smart about it because our hard-earned money is precious right? Since we are living in a world with fast technology - shopping has never been easier. However, with all the convenience that it brings, there are still some things all consumers and buyers have to be aware. We are here to give you some tips and friendly reminders!

1. Easy - you literally don't have to leave your house.
2. You can buy from places as far as China or America.
3. You can window-shop without guilt (or fear of annoying sales people).
4. You can take your time - shop while researching on the item and comparing prices until you are totally satisfied.


1. You worry about dishonest sellers.
2. You worry about getting the wrong item (size, colour, etc.)
3. You are the kind of person that needs to touch and see products before deciding to purchase.
4. You don't have wireless banking - or is paranoid about safety.
5. Your parcel takes a while to get to you - and you are impatient.

Guides and Tips:

1. Make sure you are buying from a legit seller (check if they have business registration numbers) - do your research and find out if they are well known. Check for authentic reviews about their service.
2. Check if they have a physical shop near to you - some sellers have pop-up stores or participate in bazaars - who knows it might be near to you!
3. Make sure you always check the products details before you buy- for example if it is used, check the size chart CAREFULLY, read any small print T&C; pre-order or ready stock, whether they allow returns or refunds; that sort of thing - to avoid being disappointed or angry.
4. Call the seller about payment if you are not sure how to do it yourself - or get an experienced friend to help you.
5. Know how to protect yourself - keep all important numbers like order numbers, reference numbers and tracking numbers.
6. Speak up if you feel like something is wrong - don't be bullied into buying something you don't want.

Happy and Safe Online Shopping! xoxo

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