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Myth Debunked! Big ladies CAN wear horizontal stripes!

How many times have you heard to stay away from horizontal stripes because it will make you look bigger? It is like a no-no, almost to the point of 'do not even touch it!' Stripes are always trendy, and sometimes plus size women look at it longingly to wear it. Fret not, here are some of the best advices from all over the internet on making stripes work for you!
First of all, before I continue, I want to state that all pictures here are also taken from the Internet (they do not belong to Mis Claire unless specified).

1. Find wider horizontal stripes (advice from instyle.com)

The key here is finding the right width. Thicker lines are best on curvy women, I've found, because they're proportional with bigger figures. Look for ones that are around two inches wide (very thin, close-set stripes have an enlarging effect).

2. Work your body type (advice from youbeauty.com)

“Whatever part of your body is the leanest is where you want to put the stripes,” explains Saboura. For example, triangles should focus their stripes up top, while inverted triangles can try a striped short or pant. Height matters too: “Petite women want to wear small, monochromatic stripes on the upper half of the body,” he says, “but tall women can get away with murder when it comes to stripes.”

3. Rules are made to be broken! (advice from refinery29.com)

They say rules are meant to be broken, and we think they're talking about all those antiquated plus-size style rules that are just begging to be destroyed. Seriously, who ever decided that fuller females can’t rock stripes? Curves that look great already will look better when emphasized with a little vertical or horizontal action.

4. Wear what you like with confidence! (advice from gurl.com)

Now, you all know that I’m not one to buy into fashion rules. I say, if you are confident with what you are wearing, go for it! And stripes happen to make me feel hella cute, even if I’m plus-sized. So there.

5. Break it up (advice from curvyceo.com)

In order to wear horizontal stripes in a way that is flattering, we simply must break up the stripes! Wearing a striped dress? Throw on a blazer to break up the eyeline a bit! Or, pair a striped top or skirt with a solid piece, to create more of a "colorblock" effect.

So are you sold on trying out stripes, we at Mis Claire believe that a plus sized woman can indeed wear stripes so you can try this one out! We have 4 colours, so click on the picture to go to our website! xoxo

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