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12 Ways To Style Your Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are as versatile as jeans, and should be reinstated as a neutral.
Read below to check it out - and click HERE if you want to be directed to the Mis Claire to purchase some banging jackets!

1. With a basic t-shirt

Plain tees are so versatile!

2. Non-blue denim

White denim jacket
Pink denim jacket

3. Denim with a dress

Gorgeous flowy maxi dress

4. Denim in black

Black denim jackets are so badass!

6. Denim with athleisure

Stripe pants YAY!

7. Denim with statement earrings

The bigger, the brighter, the better!
8. Denim with a band tee

Make sure you know at least one song from the band.

9. Denim with prints

It is safe to say that denim is a neutral, so pair it with lots of prints!

10. Denim with a striped tee

It has a very French-chic feel.

11. Denim with high-waisted anything

Play with illusion of having legs for miles!

12. Denim with bright colours

Yup - because denim IS a neutral.

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