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How To Pick The Right Pair Of Jeans

So many choices out there and lots of decisions to make. But first pick your figure, occasion and style! And remember, no one is just limited to one style!
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Skinny cut jeans

Skinny jeans hugs to your legs closely. Obviously this is perfect for those who want to show off their legs. Would totally recommend this for tall people. This look can be very casual, in my opinion, it looks awesome with thongs or floss sandals; t-shirts and other casual pairings.

Straight cut jeans

This is a versatile pair of jeans - which is suitable for all body types. You can go casual with this look, or smart casual with a nice shirt and pair of shoes, flats or heels. Just make sure that it is not too long (get it altered to your height) so that it will not have unsightly creases.

Boot-cut jeans

The trademark of boot-cut jeans is the flared bottom that starts below the knee. Classic boot-cut jeans was made to accommodate (you you guessed it) boots! Back in the days, it was wider than the modern ones that we have now. This is also a very versatile piece, yet we feel that it is best worn during more formal events, and especially great when paired with heels or platforms (although some blessed with long legs work this look with flats). Work it with a nice blouse!

High-waisted jeans

High-waisted jeans are a blessing to those who need some help with the midsection. This look is meant to bring back some ironically cool vintage mom-jeans but many millenials are working this trend inspired by hipsters who revive old trends. This jeans is nice for those with a longer torso and full belly - if tucked in, wear a nice belt and pair it with a vintage t-shirt, and you've got the look.

Below is a little fun guide in a easy-to-digest chart :)

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