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The 3 Common Plus Size Malaysian Woman Body Shapes

Dressing to your body type is all about creating a desired silhouette by using shapes, colors, highlighting, hiding, distractions, visual illusions, etc. Let's understand the general body types there are and how to balance them out.

For this part, we will be covering just the middle section of the body - imagine that your body (without head and limbs) is broken into 3 parts which consist of your bust, waist and hips. Although I have included just 3 body types here, it is definitely not limited to that, or you might have a combo of two types. However, the rule of thumb is just to balance out the shape to create something as close as possible to an hourglass or a more well-balanced shape.


This is the most common body shape that we have seen with our customers, which is also know by most as a Pear Shape. It basically means that your hips are the largest part of your torso, with your bust and waist significantly smaller. Depending on personal taste, it can be a blessing or a curse. Most plus size models are represented by this body type - so it has been generally more accepted.

Plus size models are typically pear-shaped, like Ashley Graham (Photo by ibtimes.com)
Since the rule of thumb is to create a balanced shape, you will need to highlight your upper body, and distract away from your hips. Simple logic.

- draw attention to the upper body with prints, outerwear, padding or accessories
- keep bottoms dark, well-fitted and close to the body

Wear brighter tops and keep the bottoms dark and well-fitted (Photo by misclaire.com)
Focus on creating details on the top part of your body (Photo by wikihow.com)


Have anyone asked you if you are pregnant even when you are not? This is basically what it means - you are round and heavy in the center of your body.Your bust and hips look to be smaller than your waist. This is generally known as an Apple Shape.

Tess Holliday is a well-known apple-shaped plus size model. (Photo by Cosmopolitan)
To balance out this body type, you can do 2 things depending on your size and comfort level. One of the illusion techniques is to add a detail that cinches the waist to create an illusion of a smaller waistline. The other extreme end is to wear something that fall loose from the shoulders down - to hide the center part (but you will need to highlight the legs).

A good tip is to avoid materials clinging to the mid-section - so choose thicker or more structured materials.

- draw attention to an illusion of a small waist
- highlight other smaller parts of the body

A tunic top that hangs loose from the shoulder down is good for apple shapes. (Photo from misclaire.com)
The placement of a belt with a jacket over it creates the illusion of a tiny waist. (Photo from misclaire.com)


I feel like this is the least discussed body type - but these are the Inverted Triangle body shapes. These body types may look athletic when lean, but have a tendency to look masculine or 'sado' due to the larger upper body. In general, I notice that most plus size Chinese women have this body type compared to other races in Malaysia, and a noticeably flatter bum.

An Inverted triangle body type - broad shoulders and slim legs. (Photo from thebelatedbloomer.com)
To balance out this body type, we will use logic once again - distract from the top and create volume on the bottom.

- Create volume and drama at the hips or legs
- Keep the top well-fitted and plain

A simple way to add volume to the hips is to tie something around your waist - like a jacket or scarf (Photo by misclaire.com)
Or you can use prints to distract the eyes downwards via optical illusion. (Photo from misclaire.com)
I hope to be able to share with you more tips on dressing for your body types :) Stay tuned!

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