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5 Benefits of Swimming For Plus Size Women

Many of us might be living near a swimming pool but not making the most of it. I recently had some scares regarding my knees and have been told by doctors to loose weight to remove unnecessary pressure off of them. Upon doing some research, one of the best exercises for overweight individuals is swimming. Let me share my findings.

Strength training

Water is denser and thicker than air, so whatever movements you do on land has more resistance in the water, therefore improving your muscle strength. For some, just making big movements in the water provide gentle low-impact strength training.

Low Impact

Water buoyancy helps to lift you up so that you do not put pressure on your precious joints. You can use a flotation device to help isolate certain parts of the body, so you can focus on just one exercise, such as kicking the legs.

Forced Cardio

Trust me, you won't realize how tired you are until you stop. Maybe it's the water, but it keeps you going (forced cardio).

Good For Lungs

If you actually swim, you will be doing a lot of deep breathing - this is extremely good for bringing oxygen to your cells and waking up your sluggish brain.

Cools Your Body

I hate sweating so swimming is a good way to work out without visibly sweating. On another point, some French woman sit in cold water every night to cool their 'ladies parts' as their beauty ritual. They believe that sitting down a lot, hot weather and wearing tight pants (for plus size women, our thighs are forever touching and hot down there) can raise our body temperature which can lead to bloating, insomnia and acne. As for Asian people, they believe that showering with cold water increases blood circulation. Honestly, I hate getting cold in the pool, but for these beauty reasons, I will do it. Ha!

Added Bonus - Social Aspect (nothing related to size)

If you bring your kids to the pool - they will LOVE you for it. It a fun family activity. I, however, do not have kids, and I find swimming by myself very calming and therapeutic. Either way, be considerate to everyone and practice proper pool etiquette at all times, including wearing proper swimwear material as to not pollute the pool with material fibers.

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