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The Logical Dressing Of The Apple Body Type (Mis Claire Lookbook)

Welcome to the second series of the body shape posts! Like in one of the previous post, I mentioned the 3 common types of plus size shapes that we can find in Malaysia. I will break down each of the body types and show examples of the best dressing for each, while explaining the logical reasoning for it. So get ready for a photo-heavy blog - all photos featured below are from www.misclaire.com and you can click on them for links!

An apple body type is a body type without a defined waistline and more rounded in the center.
In this post, we will only talk about the apple body shape, which is heavy in the center and round (or pretty straight without a defined waist but plus size) - your waist is larger (or about the same) in width and circumference than your bust and waist. My aim in dressing is only to balance out the body by using logic.

1. For those with a waistline that is not significantly bigger than the bust and hips (meaning, almost straight or just slightly larger) - you can define the waistline to create an hourglass illusion. Try a wrap top or something that you can cinch.

Model is wearing Willa Blouse from www.misclaire.com
Model is wearing Xanadu Jubah from www.misclaire.com
2. For those with a larger waist and round - you can work tunic tops to your benefit but highlight the smallest parts of your body (forearms or legs). A long top works really well.

Model is wearing Bahamas Long Shirt from www.misclaire.com
3. Is it also nice to find a top that hangs loose from the shoulders down, without any fabric clinging to the midsection.

Model is wearing Lavendria blouse from www.misclaire.com
4. Lastly, this is an optical illusion. Wear a belt under an open outerwear. The visible part of the belt tricks the eye to think it is smaller than it is - in this case, it is the waistline!

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