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The Logical Dressing Of The Inverted Triangle Body Type (Mis Claire Lookbook)

Welcome to the third and final series of the body shape posts! Like in one of the previous post, I mentioned the 3 common types of plus size shapes that we can find in Malaysia. I will break down each of the body types and show examples of the best dressing for each, while explaining the logical reasoning for it. So get ready for a photo-heavy blog - all photos featured below are from www.misclaire.com and you can click on them for links!

In this post, we will only talk about the inverted triangle body shape, which is heavy at the top (shoulders are bigger, chest is heavier) and looks larger than your waist and hips. My aim in dressing is only to balance out the body by using logic.

1. As how it was with the pear shape, now we draw the eyes downwards instead with prints and colors! Plus points for this look below because top is dark, and the pants is full with patterns and is in a wide leg cut!

Model is wearing Victoria Cardigan from www.misclaire.com
Model is wearing Sarimah Pario Skirt from www.misclaire.com
2. Attract some attention to the hips, like an intricate detail such as this embroidery design on our last Raya Collection.

Singer Mafarikha wearing our Raya 2019 Collection from www.misclaire.com
3. Create volume and add bulk to the hips with material and drape!
Model is wearing Agatha from www.misclaire.com

You can even improvise and tie a jacket over your waist for extra bulk
4. Balance out your lower body with your upper with volume way down (this is best if you have height) or else it will weigh you down further!

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